Kander Reenie

Welcome to the Kander Reenie Music Contest!

This is a contest, of which I am the judge. You give me a good recording of the song of interest, I will grant the winner $100.  Criteria:

-Quality of recording

-Chart accuracy

Here is the dream that spawned the rough chart, one morning…

Kander Reenie

In a dream, my son, Ellis, and I were camping. We were near the lodge when I saw a bear nearby. I told our party that we should retreat into the lodge to avoid the bear, so we did so. But, a host of bears invaded us and took our children. I was shielding Ellis, but a female bear saw Ellis behind me and took him. I told this bear that if the bears would harm my son that I would kill her. She began a conversation. She was a bit nasty, with these crooked teeth, and she reassured me the children would be fine. We would shake on occasion, and she grasped my hand with her paw in a firm but pleasant mood.

After a time she told me the bears were dividing the children into two groups. I went into the forest to look for my son. At that moment, the female bear took a horn and clandestinely slipped away. Then she began to sing this song, “Kander Reenie,” into her horn.

And here is the rough Kander Reenie chart-