Music Resume

Mo Pair


Native Plains Singing

Mo has studied music of the peoples of North America, specifically within the southern plains, since childhood.  His primary teacher was Harry Buffalohead, Ponca.  He is commonly head singer at Texas pow wows, like a Gulf Coast Tia Piah Society benefit dance (pow wow), a Texas Indian Heritage Association Pow Wow, or the San Antonio Pow wow.  Mo is a lead on Enemy Horse, a local drum group, and frequently uses that name in correspondence with pow wow committees.  He appreciates deeply the singers who come and help; they are like brothers and sisters.

Music Publishing

Mo had composed over one thousand songs, and approximately ten percent of them have been formally published.  Most of his published work is in audio, but he introduced his first book of songs, “Mo’s Book of Songs, Volume I,” in 2022. 

Online audio, Mo, as a solo artist, has four main releases:

Friday Nights at Danny’s


Pink Floyd Happy Hour

Forest Lawn        

Mr Mo Program

Mo has entertained children at Montessori schools and day care centers.  His program is called “The Mr Mo hour,” and features childrens’ songs and old folk songs.

Music studio work (tracking)

Mo is employed by The Roost studios in Manchaca, Texas (Jimmy George, Producer) to render (track) vocal, bass, and recorder for Mr. George’s clients. 

Music teacher

Mo has taught guitar, vocal, recorder, electric bass, for approximately seven years.  He was employed with JP Allen’s lessons service in Austin, TX in the early 2000s; and with Sonder Music in Norman, Oklahoma, 2009-2011.  He has also worked independently. 

Music performance

Mo has performed solo and in bands, spanning from Texas to Quebec, in Americana and Native musics. He is currently enjoying performing music with his wife, Bianca Pair, and their duo is called "Smoke & Flowers."